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You can make donations via Stripe

Yes, we aim to make a new update at least once or twice a month.

We're always open for feedback or new ideas. You can use the contact form in the app or send us a message via

You can download the app via these links in the App Store or Google Play. If the app is unavailable, your device operating system is outdated or your country isn't supported.

Yes, we have a special beta group for the iOS and Android app. You can find the signup link on your 'Account' page.

Yes, we support English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and German.

A bucket list is a list with things you want to achieve before you 'kick the bucket'. You can store all kind of ideas about your life, things to learn of your next trip. Possibilities are endless!


Yes, you can use iBucket for free. But we offer a Premium service if you want full access and extra features.

Yes, please go to the Premium screen and press 'Restore Purchase' in the bottom of the screen.

No, you can only use a single purchase for one account. When you try to restore your purchase on another account, it will be transferred automatically.

Yes, only on iOS ‘Family Sharing’ is available.

Press the ‘Account’ button on the top right and press the 'Upgrade to Premium' button. Pressing the 'Buy' button will start the purchase flow, this process differs between Apple In-App-Purchase , Google Play In-App-Purchase and Stripe Payments. When successful, the button wil show 'You are Premium' and a confirmation will be send to your inbox.

If you bought Premium via the App Store or Google Play, you need to request a refund via Apple or Google. If you bought via Stripe on the website, then contact us so we can refund you.

iBucket Premium is available for $7.99/€8.99 and is a one-time purchase only.

If you got a successful payment confirmation by Apple or Google, but no visual app or mail confirmation, please try to close and reopen the Premium screen and follow the steps again. It will check in the background if your payment has been successfully processed. If no confirmation is visible, please contact us at

iBucket Premium is a single purchase via “Apple Inc.”, “Google Inc.” or “Stripe, Inc.”. We'll not charge you anything after your purchase. For a single price, you get current and all upcoming features for free (lifetime).


If 'Private Mode' is disabled, everyone can see your profile page and bucket list items by visiting the 'Explore' page. If you want to hide this from the public, you can enable 'Private Mode' in your account settings. People you've invited can only see the list or trip they've been invited for.

Your data is securely stored and encrypted in the Netherlands via SSL/HTTPS. You can read more about it on or Privacy page.

No, our web application is only avaiulable for logged in users and will not be available on any search engine.

Go to your 'Account' and scroll all the way down to select 'Delete my account'. Please verify your deletion. After confirmation everything will be removed immediately and cannot be recovered.


On the homepage press 'Login' or go the ‘Account’ button on the top right and press ‘Login’.

Press the ‘Account’ button on the top right to edit your account. You can enable ‘Private’ to set your bucket list private. Your bucket list is now only visible for you and no one else.

Press the 'Create my bucketlist' button on the homepage.

To completely delete your account, go to your ‘Account’ and scroll down to the 'Delete account' option. You will get a confirmation first. Keep in mind that all information related to your account will be deleted immediately from our servers. This process cannot be restored.

At iBucket, we are committed to protecting your data and privacy as well as providing you access to the information you have provided us. Please send us a message via your account to receive a complete list of all your data. Only verified accounts can request this.

If you didn’t receive an email with a link to login, please click the ‘Resend’ button after 15 minutes. If you previously logged in with Apple or Google, please try to login via those options. Otherwise contact support.

If the MagicLink in your received email doesn't work, it's either already accepted or it's expired (maximum 15 minutes). Please try logging in again.

When you login with Apple or Google, we only store your first name, email address and avatar on our servers. We don’t have access to any other information. Please read more about it in our Privacy Policy.

In order for you to access your bucket list on any device, you need to verify with your first name and email address. Otherwise you’ll lose your content when deleting the app. We don't use your email address for promotional marketing.

Bucket List

Yes, you can view your bucket list offline in Premium (only with our app). When you're Premium, go to your account and press 'Sync offline' once.

On your home screen, press the big blue '+' button on the bottom of the screen.

Edit the goal, list or trip you want to delete. Scroll down and press the ‘Delete’ button. You can also press the ‘More’ icon(3 dots) near a goal, list or trip and press ‘Delete’.

On the home screen, press the ‘More’ icon (3 dots) on the right side of the content you want to edit and select ‘Edit’. On the goal, list or trip page itself click the blue ‘Edit’ button on the top right.

Goals & Tasks

Yes, a goal can be added in a list and also in a trip at the same time. You can either select 'Move' on a goal or edit the goal and select a trip or list.

Yes, edit your goal and enable the checkbox ‘Completed’. For tasks, go to the 'Tasks' section inside your goal and press the circle left.

If you added a reminder but didn't get any notifications, your app notifications are probably disabled. Please go to your phone settings > notifications > iBucket and enable notifications. Keep in mind that reminders only works on Apple and Android devices.

A goal is something you want to achieve in the future, for example 'Visit the Empire State building'. This can be a short or long term goal. You can also add subtasks to reach this goal. Like 'Buy plane ticket', 'Reserve hotel room' or 'Buyobservatory tickets'.


Currently not, but this feature will be available in the future.

Go to the user profile you want to follow and press the 'Follow' button. You now receive updates on your 'Social' tab in the ‘Search’ screen.

Go to you account page. On the top profile section, press ‘Followers’ or ‘Following’ below your name.

Press the 'Explore' bar on the top of your bucket list to see your friends activity. You can only see the activity of friends that are public.

If the 'Follow' button is locked, that means this user has a private account. You can only follow public accounts.


You can only invite someone for an individual list or trip. Unfortunately you cannot invite someone to share your whole bucket list at once.

If you're invited by a link, you can open the link and select on which platform you're logged in to accept (either website or app). After this, your invited will be automatically accepted. If an invite is already been used, please request a new one from the owner.

You can invite multiple people on published lists and trips. Edit your list or trip and select ‘Invite’ to generate a link you can share with a friend. or search for an existing user. You can also press the ‘More’ icon (3 dots) on the list or trip card and select 'Invite'.

If the owner of the list/trip invited you via your iBucket account, you'll get an email. Please check your inbox or spam. If you didn't receive anything, ask the owner to share a direct link or contact support.

Invites are only available for one person and valid for 14 days. If you can't accept your invite, please ask the person to create a new one.

In the app, go to your 'Account' (top right) and then select 'Invites'. Over here you can view your received invitations. If you received a link, open the link and choose your platform. It will be automatically accepted.

Go to your main bucket list and press the 3 dots icon on the top right of the card. In the next options select 'Delete'. Otherwise go to you 'Account' (top right) and then select 'Invites'. Over here press the 3 dots icon on the right of the list you want to remove and select 'Delete'.

Lists & Trips

When you edit or create a goal, press the 'List' or ‘Trip’ option to select one. When you don't have any, first make one. Alternatively you can also press the ‘More’ icon (3 dots) next to an existing goal and select 'Move' to select one. When you're in a List or Trip screen, press the big blue '+ Add' button in the bottom to add a goal.

Go to you trip and press the button ‘Add reservations’ below the trip information. On the new screen you can add a reservation for flights, hotels and transportation. This information is only visible for you and the people you’ve invited.

There are multiple ways to move a goal. When you're on your home screen, you can press the ‘More’ icon (3 dots) on the right of the goal and then select 'Move'. When you're on the goal screen itself, press the 'Edit' button on the top right and select 'List' or ‘Trip’.

A list is a collection of multiple goals. Let say you want to visit all 50 states of the USA, you can add 50 goals to a list called 'US States' and see the overall progress.

A trip is a collection of goals that you can schedule day-by-day. So if you have a vacation planned, you can add your dates and places and add goals per day you want to achieve.


On the map, tap the country you like to mark as 'Want to visit' or 'Visited'. A popup will show on the screen where you can select the option. After making your choice, the country will go blue if you want to visit and green if you already visited it.

On the map, tap the country you like to mark. Then in the popup, switch to 'Regions' and then tap the heart ('Want to visit') or checkmark ('Visited') next to the region.

On the map, tap the country you like to mark. Then in the popup, switch to 'Cities' and then tap the heart ('Want to visit') or checkmark ('Visited') next to the city.